Atlas Peak Performance

Atlas Peak Performance is the culmination of nearly a decades’ worth of research and experience of founder and creator, Sean Donnelly. The theories behind APP’s training programs have been largely influenced by Calvin Dietz and Anatoliy Bondarchuk, while also pulling element’s from Sean’s experience as a strength and conditioning professional, a student, and an athlete. What makes APP successful as a business is the years of multi-faceted learning that have been culminated, providing the client with the best possible program for their needs. Over the years, Sean has worked in five vastly different strength and conditioning settings, completed master’s coursework in applied kinesiology, earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, and spent countless hours reading research articles and writing training programs.

Rarely does a strength and conditioning professional bring experience as a top-level athlete and well-studied, experienced coach. Experiencing both sides of the spectrum allows for a deeper understanding of the training process, that ultimately benefits you!

Whether your goal is to win a state championship, coach the next big thing in your respective sport, or just get into the best shape of your life, APP has the experience to get you there, to optimize your potential and help you achieve your goals and beyond. The greatest benefit to Sean’s learning experience as a coach has not been all the things he has done correctly, but rather all the things he’s done wrong. He has reached success as an athlete the hard way, making mistakes and learning the process, refining his techniques and training theories.

Let Sean become your guide on the path to success. Take control of your destiny, visit the Blog to learn for yourself, or search through the Services and Resources to get personal help. Atlas Peak Performance is always here to help you optimize your potential.



Sean Donnelly

Sean is the creator and founder of Atlas Peak Performance, as well as a professional track and field athlete specializing in the hammer throw. Sean’s passion for strength and conditioning was discovered as a teenager after injuring his rotator cuff, putting an end to his mediocre baseball career. After working with a physical therapist to rehabilitate his shoulder, he started to pick up on the intricacies of the human body. From there, he began lifting recreationally with his friends, eventually joining his highschool’s wrestling team, where the values of diligence and determination instilled by his parents were reinforced. Sean quickly realized how far the human body could be pushed, and how great of a change could be made just through hard work and consistency.

During the offseason following that wrestling season, Sean realized how much he enjoyed the rigorous process of training the human body, and decided to take his first internship at a hardcore powerlifting gym just a few miles from his home in Willoughby, OH. After walking into that gym the first day, hearing the music blaring, the rattling of massive weights being deadlifted and squatted, Sean fell in love with the iron, and never looked back. He gave up wrestling for a short career in strongman and powerlifting, eventually being convinced to try out the shot put and discus by his history teacher, Matt Luck, as a high school senior. While throwing was merely a hobby, secondary to his powerlifting and strongman goals, Sean qualified for the state championship meet in shot put in his first year of competition. Sean continued to stick with throwing, deciding to attend the University of Mount Union and join the track team as a walk-on. Just a few short months into his freshman year, Sean was influenced by his teammate (and now coach) Sean Denard to join him in throws-specific training guided by the hand of 2012 Olympian, Justin Rodhe. Sean agreed, saying to himself “I’ll give this throwing thing 4 years, and then I’ll just come back to powerlifting”…

Fast forward 5 years, and Sean is now one of the best hammer throwers in the United states, qualifying for the Olympic trials final, with a personal record of  243’11″/74.35m (US #5, World #45). Along the way, Sean garnered 4 individual national championships and 8 All-American titles as a Division III shot put, discus, hammer and weight thrower at Mount Union, also holding the Division record in the weight throw (71’4″/21.75m). He also led the team to its first national title in 2014, scoring 22 of the 47 points needed to upset the competition favorites. From there, Sean continued his hammer throwing career as a graduate student at DI University of Minnesota. Sean’s improvement in the new environment was incredible, surpassing his old personal record by nearly 8 meters and claiming his first and last NCAA DI All-American title, largely due in part to technical improvements from a new coach, and the strength and conditioning guidance of triphasic training creator, Cal Dietz.

Sean is still training, focusing on the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, and various international championships in the years leading up.